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Analyses 2004
 31 December 2004 - Military spending and international arms transfers (Luc Mampaey)

 3 December 2004 - Should the EU military equipment embargo on China be lifted or Mayntained? (Claudio Gramizzi)

 26 November 2004 - Seizing the Opportunity : Scope for EU Advocacy on SALW Control at the United Nations (Holger Anders)

 10 November 2004 - Fading hopes of peace in Ivory Coast (Claudio Gramizzi)

 22 October 2004 - Harmonisation of small arms legislation in three Great Lakes countries: Burundi, DRC and Rwanda (Ilhan Berkol)

 5 August 2004 - The European Constitution and foreign policy: What progress? (Federico Santopinto)

 4 August 2004 - The processing of military nuclear waste (Valérie Peclow)

 12 July 2004 - Arms exports and expenditure: Are we on the wrong track? (Luc Mampaey)

 24 June 2004 - Arming of the EU: A common market soon but when will there be a policy? (Luc Mampaey)

 June 2004 - The transport of dangerous goods: A concrete example of traceability (Ilhan Berkol, Claudio Gramizzi)

 June 2004 -The marking systems for small arms and light weapons: Cost assessment (Ilhan Berkol)

 June 2004 - Feasibility of a SALW Tracing Agency in Germany (Holger Anders)

 June 2005 - The marking systems for small arms and light weapons: Cost assessment (COTECNA)

 26 May 2004 - Belgium's interest in the debate over the common arms market (Luc Mampaey)

 18 May 2004 - Preventing the Use of Child Soldiers: the Role of the International Criminal Court (Shelly Whytman)

 20 March 2004 - The European Union and the arms trade (Claudio Gramizzi, Luc Mampaey)

 19 March 2004 - A year of war in Iraq: A pointless and counter-productivee preventative war (Caroline Pailhe)

 12 March 2004 - The Madrid attacks and failure of the fight to combat terrorism (Bernard Adam)

 28 February 2004 - The GUUAM Group, a secretive and vulnerable alliance? (Lorraine Gillet)

 20 February 2004 - European Union police missions (Valérie Peclow)

 13 February 2004 - Exports of military equipment to Tanzania

 10 February 2004 - Military spending and international arms transfers (Luc Mampaey)

 9 February 2004 - Security hysteria as an engine for US recovery. The example of the "Manpads" program (Luc Mampaey)

 14 January 2004 - Summary of 4th report of the Expert Group on the illegal exploitation of natural and other resources in DRC (Anne-Christine Renauld)

 6 January 2004 - "A safe Europe in a better world": A useful but risky strategic concept (Caroline Pailhe)

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