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Analyses 2009
 7 December 2009 - Arms Sales to Libya: GRIP’s Letter to the Members of the Walloon Parliament (Bernard Adam and Luc Mampaey)

 13 November 2009 - “Operation Parabellum”: Investigation into arms trafficking at the highest levels of the Libyan State (Luc Mampaey and Federico Santopinto)

 4 November 2009 - Lisbon Treaty and European defense Diplomatic Battle behind Permanent Structured Cooperation (Federico Santopinto)

 2 November 2009 - Syria and the nuclear weapon: attempt to shed a new light on a neglected question (Mehdi Mekdour)

 30 October 2009 - The Belgian EU presidency and de fight against arms trafficking (Bernard Adam)

 29 September 2009 - The paradox of Belgian expertise in the Congo (Xavier Zeebroek)

 28 September 2009 - The problem of security in the Pakistani nuclear plants (Mehdi Mekdour)

 8 September 2009 - The fears and motivations linked to the Iranian nuclear program (Mehdi Mekdour)

 7 September 2009 - For a real control of arms brokers in Belgium (Virginie Moreau)

 18 August 2009 - White phosphorus weapons and international humanitarian law (Luc Mampaey)

 3 August 2009 - Controlling arms brokers operating from abroad: Challenges and policy options for EU states (Holger Anders)

 15 June 2009 - Punish or negotiate? The issues of nuclear escalation by North Korea (Luc Mampaey)

 2 June 2009 - Arms sales to Libya would be an implicit support to repression and diversions (Luc Mampaey)

 27 April 2009 - Ammunition stockpile management in Africa: challenges and scope for action (Holger Anders)

 30 March 2009 - NATO : towards a new strategic concept (Bernard Adam)

 13 February 2009 - “Less-than-lethal” weapons: solution or perversion? (Luc Mampaey)

 10 February 2009 - What European unity after Gaza and Georgia? (Federico Santopinto)

 23 January 2009 - The «catch‐all clause», an instrument to fight proliferation (Cédric Poitevin)

 15 January 2009 - Wallonia’s arms export in the Belgian, European and global context (Bernard Adam)

 8 January 2009 - President Obama’s foreign policy: diplomacy and multilateralism? (Bernard Adam)

 7 January 2009 - EU and Belgian arms transfers to Israel. What compliance with the Code of Conduct on arms exports? (Caroline Pailhe)

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