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All Analyses by Luc Mampaey
 30 April 2010 - The “Nuclear-Weapon-Free Areas”: Current Situation, Achievements and New Challenges (Luc Mampaey)

 31 March 2010 - Radiography of the arms industry in Belgium: 2010 update (Luc Mampaey)

 17 February 2010 - The First Military Budgets of Barack Obama: Change in Continuity (Luc Mampaey)

 7 December 2009 - Arms Sales to Libya: GRIP’s Letter to the Members of the Walloon Parliament (Bernard Adam and Luc Mampaey)

 13 November 2009 - “Operation Parabellum”: Investigation into arms trafficking at the highest levels of the Libyan State (Luc Mampaey and Federico Santopinto)

 18 August 2009 - White phosphorus weapons and international humanitarian law (Luc Mampaey)

 15 June 2009 - Punish or negotiate? The issues of nuclear escalation by North Korea (Luc Mampaey)

 2 June 2009 - Arms sales to Libya would be an implicit support to repression and diversions (Luc Mampaey)

 13 February 2009 - “Less-than-lethal” weapons: solution or perversion? (Luc Mampaey)

 26 September 2008 - Pyromaniacs in the Caucasus: the complicities in the rearmament of Georgia (Luc Mampaey)

 25 June 2008 - The European Commission's "Defence Package": A dangerous step towards a European arms "market" (Luc Mampaey, Manuela Tudosia)

 12 June 2008 - The ENMOD Convention and the HAARP Program: Scope and consequences (Luc Mampaey)

 6 June 2008 - Ten years of the European Code of Conduct on firearms exports: Morin and Sarkozy hold their own celebrations (Luc Mampaey)

 2 June 2008 - The “Defence Package” of the European Commission. A risky step towards the European arms “market” (Luc Mampaey)

 30 April 2008 - Five thousand dollars a second. Record budgets and deficits in the most expensive war in history (Luc Mampaey)

 3 March 2008 - Missile control: A stocktake (Luc Mampaey)

 14 February 2008 - Triangular arms trade between Belgium, France and Chad: Shortcomings and limits of Belgian and European legislation (Luc Mampaey)

 22 December 2006 - The role of military and security R&D in the new European "strategic objective": Some lessons from the United States (Luc Mampaey)

 16 June 2006 - EADS and the financial aristocracy (Luc Mampaey)

 30 January 2006 - Cluster munitions: High stakes and inevitable development (Luc Mampaey)

 15 December 2005 - Cluster bombs are not an economic issue for Wallonia (Luc Mampaey)

 28 December 2005 - The EU adopts a Code of Conduct to liberalise the arms market (Luc Mampaey)

 25 November 2005 - Science and technology, the "military option" trap (Luc Mampaey)

 22 October 2005 - Military spending and international arms transfers: 2005 Handbook (Luc Mampaey)

 13 June 2005 - All clear for the militarisation of Europe: Critical assessment of the "Constitution" and EDA (Luc Mampaey)

 31 December 2004 - Military spending and international arms transfers (Luc Mampaey)

 12 July 2004 - Arms exports and expenditure: Are we on the wrong track? (Luc Mampaey)

 24 June 2004 - Arming of the EU: A common market soon but when will there be a policy? (Luc Mampaey)

 26 May 2004 - Belgium's interest in the debate over the common arms market (Luc Mampaey)

 20 March 2004 - The European Union and the arms trade (Claudio Gramizzi, Luc Mampaey)

 10 February 2004 - Military spending and international arms transfers (Luc Mampaey)

 9 February 2004 - Security hysteria as an engine for US recovery. The example of the "Manpads" program (Luc Mampaey)

 5 August 2003 - Belgian arms transfers - Statistical summary, 1996-2002 (Luc Mampaey)

 7 April 2003 - A European vision of the military small arms industry (Luc Mampaey)

 22 November 2002 - The arms trade and employment in Belgium (Luc Mampey)

 7 August 2002 - Quelle destination pour le plutonium d'origine militaire ? (Luc Mampaey)

 16 April 2002 - The challenges of the Framework Agreement concerning Measures to Facilitate the Restructuring of the European Defence Industry (Farnborough, 27 July 2000) (Luc Mampaey)

 18 March 2002 - The "business opportunities" of current and future wars (Luc Mampaey)

 11 March 2002 - Peace in the markets, constant war (Luc Mampaey)

 6 December 2001 - Ownership and regulation of the defence industrial base : the French case (Luc Mampaey)

 10 June 1999 - Kosovo : une catastrophe écologique et humanitaire (Luc Mampaey)

 21 May 1999 - Kosovo: Le choix des armes (Carte blanche, Le Soir 21/5/99, sur les munitions à uranium appauvri) (luc Mampaey)

 20 May 1999 - Utilisation de bombes au graphite par l'OTAN en Yougoslavie : description des munitions et de l'impact sur la santé et l'environnement (Luc Mampaey)

 May 1999 - Kosovo : Guerre « High-Tech », désastre humanitaire et écologique (luc Mampaey)

 5 February 1998 - Les armes non létales (audition publique au Parlement européen) (Luc Mampaey)

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