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All Analyses - Research theme: EUROPE IN THE WORLD
 30 March 2012 - What are the accomplishments of the 2010 franco-british cooperation? (Guillaume Goessens)

 20 December 2011 - Understanding the EU after Libya... and the United Kingdom. Civil and military power (Federico Santopinto)

 9 June 2011 -Exchange of information and reporting on arms transfers: Transparency and Accountability (Jihan Seniora)

 06 June 2011 - The EU control on arms trade. An emblematic case from Libya (Federico Santopinto)

 28 March 2011 - France and the European Defence: Two Enigmas (Federico Santopinto)

 23 March 2011- The European Common Position on arms exports, a transparency instrument? (Jihan Seniora)

 11 February 2011 - A peace operation with mixed results: MINURCAT in CAR and Chad (Pamphile Sebahara)

 4 February 2011 - The EU and small arms and light weapons in Sub-Saharan Africa (Nicolas Rousseau)

 14 January 2011 - Organ Trafficking: towards ending impunity in Kosovo? (Georges Berghezan)

 28 December 2010 -Astana Summit 2010: the OSCE and its internal divisions (Anna Deister)

 30 November 2010 - The European Union's foreign policy and democratic governance in Africa: challenges and options (Pamphile Sebahara)

 30 November 2010 - The new NATO strategic concept: Afghanistan and strategic partnerships (Mehdi Mekdour)

 30 September 2010: Serbia: Sacrificing Kosovo for Europe? (Georges Berghezan)

 20 September 2010 - Maritime piracy in the Gulf of Aden: the current state of play (Maud Hubert)

 14 September 2010 - Military capabilities without political capacities ? Why PESCO should not be too inclusive (Federico Santopinto)

 31 March 2010 - From a Code of Conduct to a European Common Position on Arms Exports. What changes? (Virginie Moreau)

 29 January 2010 - The directive simplifying the intra-Community transfers of defence-related products (Hadrien-Laurent Goffinet)

 18 January 2010 - The European Union Battlegroups (Caroline Henrion)

 4 November 2009 - Lisbon Treaty and European defense Diplomatic Battle behind Permanent Structured Cooperation (Federico Santopinto)

 30 October 2009 - The Belgian EU presidency and de fight against arms trafficking (Bernard Adam)

 10 February 2009 - What European unity after Gaza and Georgia? (Federico Santopinto)

 17 December 2008 - The European Union and the Security system reform (Dr. Niagale Bagayoko)

 17 October 2007 - Treaty reform: "Permanent Structured Cooperation" to better arm the EU (Federico Santopinto)

 19 June 2007 - Why the EU needs an institutional reform of its external relations (Federico Santopinto)

 18 June 2007 - Quiet Power - Europe's Best Way Forward (Bernard Adam)

 8 December 2006 - Development aid and conflicts before and after 9/11: Developing a tool to the benefit of the EU (Federico Santopinto)

 12 December 2005 - La politique européenne de sécurité et de défense : enjeux et réalités (Federico Santopinto)

 13 June 2005 - All clear for the militarisation of Europe: Critical assessment of the "Constitution" and EDA (Luc Mampaey)

 17 February 2005 - A new spurt in transatlantic relations? The theory, the reality and... Iran (Bernard Adam, Federico Santopinto, Michel Wery)

 5 August 2004 - The European Constitution and foreign policy: What progress? (Federico Santopinto)

 24 June 2004 - Arming of the EU: A common market soon but when will there be a policy? (Luc Mampaey)

 20 February 2004 - European Union police missions (Valérie Peclow)

 6 January 2004 - "A safe Europe in a better world": A useful but risky strategic concept (Caroline Pailhe)

 4 November 2003 - The strategic concept of Europe should favour multilateralism and international cooperation (Bernard Adam, Caroline Pailhe)

 29 April 2003 - The 29 April 2003 Defence Summit in Brussels: Ambitious summit or non-event? (Valérie Peclow)

 14 November 2002 - An economic vision of political stability: Globalisation in the service of peace (Federico Santopinto)

 27 September 2001 - September 11 2001 attacks: How to fight international terrorim effectively. Ten recommendations for the European Union

 7 November 2000 - The European Union and civilian crisis management (Félix Nkundabagenzi)

 27 December 2000 - Is the EU becoming a military power? The latest defence developments (Félix Nkundabagenzi, Valérie Peclow)

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