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All Analyses - Research theme: SMALL ARMS (SALW)
 15 December 2011 - Weapon transfers to peacekeeping missions : nothing to report? (Timothy Ghilain)

 4 November 2011 - Arms acquisition by non state actors: For a stronger regulation? (Linda Farhat & Jihan Seniora)

 29 June 2011 - Enhancing End-Use Controls on Arms Transfers (Cédric Poitevin)

 06 June 2011 - The EU control on arms trade. An emblematic case from Libya (Federico Santopinto)

 30 March 2011 - European arms exports and sustainable development: inconsistencies and ambiguities in practice (Nicolas Rousseau & Jihan Seniora)

 23 March 2011- The European Common Position on arms exports, a transparency instrument? (Jihan Seniora)

 4 February 2011 - The EU and small arms and light weapons in Sub-Saharan Africa (Nicolas Rousseau)

 25 August 2010 - Arms Trade Treaty First Preparatory Committee (12-23 July 2010): A first positive meeting (Virginie Moreau)

 17 August 2010: The United Nations process on small arms: minimal but useful consensus (Cédric Poitevin)

 25 March 2010 - Towards an Arms Trade Treaty: Evaluate the situation as negotiations begin (Michaël Favot)

 25 February 2010 - Tracing Small Arms and Light Weapons – International agreements and challenges in West Africa (Cédric Poitevin)

 23 February 2010 - The United Nations Register of Conventional Arms: Limits of a transparency instrument (Jihan Seniora)

 1 February 2010 - The Common Position on the control of arms brokering: six years after (Virginie Moreau)

 7 September 2009 - For a real control of arms brokers in Belgium (Virginie Moreau)

 3 August 2009 - Controlling arms brokers operating from abroad: Challenges and policy options for EU states (Holger Anders)

 27 April 2009 - Ammunition stockpile management in Africa: challenges and scope for action (Holger Anders)

 13 February 2009 - “Less-than-lethal” weapons: solution or perversion? (Luc Mampaey)

 19 December 2008 - Ammunition stockpile controls: further steps at the global level (Holger Anders)

 18 December 2008 - Effective implementation of existing instruments on Small Arms and Light Weapons: An analysis of the OSCE Document (Ilhan Berkol)

 2012/2 - Ammunition controls, the ATT, and Africa: Challenges, requirements, and scope for action (Holger Anders )

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