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All Analyses - Research theme: INTERNATIONAL CONFLICTS
25 January 2012 - Australia rising to the Chinese Challenge (Bruno Hellendorff)

20 December 2011 - Understanding the EU after Libya... and the United Kingdom. Civil and military power (Federico Santopinto)

06 June 2011 - The EU control on arms trade. An emblematic case from Libya (Federico Santopinto)

28 March 2011 - France and the European Defence: Two Enigmas (Federico Santopinto)

23 March 2011- The European Common Position on arms exports, a transparency instrument? (Jihan Seniora)

14 January 2011 - Organ Trafficking: towards ending impunity in Kosovo? (Georges Berghezan)

4 January 2011 - Belgium confronted with illegal exports of nuclear dual-use goods (Mehdi Mekdour)

28 December 2010 -Astana Summit 2010: the OSCE and its internal divisions (Anna Deister)

30 November 2010 - The European Union's foreign policy and democratic governance in Africa: challenges and options (Pamphile Sebahara)

30 November 2010 - The new NATO strategic concept: Afghanistan and strategic partnerships (Mehdi Mekdour)

30 September 2010: Serbia: Sacrificing Kosovo for Europe? (Georges Berghezan)

23 February 2010 - The United Nations Register of Conventional Arms: Limits of a transparency instrument (Jihan Seniora)

6 October 2008 - Afghanistan: A New Strategy of Political Dialogue and Development Aid to Exit the Military Dead End (Bernard Adam)

29 September 2008 - After the Georgian conflict: The necessary cooperation between Russia and the West (Georges Berghezan)

26 September 2008 - Pyromaniacs in the Caucasus: the complicities in the rearmament of Georgia (Luc Mampaey)

13 August 2008 - Georgia at war: Background to the present conflict (Céline Francis)

30 April 2008 - Five thousand dollars a second. Record budgets and deficits in the most expensive war in history (Luc Mampaey)

16 July 2007 - Irak - Inspections are over but WMD still nowhere to be found (Cédric Poitevin)

15 March 2007 - War in Iraq, four years on: From dictatorship to humanitarian chaos (Caroline Pailhe)

21 June 2005 - Iraq, two years on: Taking stock of failure (Caroline Pailhe)

6 May 2005 - The militarisation of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan (Isabelle Bercq)

9 March 2005 - The death of Aslan Maskhadov and Russia's policy in the Chechen conflict (Céline Francis)

17 February 2005 - A new spurt in transatlantic relations? The theory, the reality and... Iran (Bernard Adam, Federico Santopinto, Michel Wery)

8 February 2005 - Foreign military deployment in Southern Asia as part of the emergency humanitarian aid missions to countries hit by the tsunami (Xavier Zeebroek)

19 March 2004 - A year of war in Iraq: A pointless and counter-productivee preventative war (Caroline Pailhe)

12 March 2004 - The Madrid attacks and failure of the fight to combat terrorism (Bernard Adam)

18 June 2003 - Iraqi weapons of mass destruction: The absence of Anglo-US credibility (Caroline Pailhe)

16 April 2003 - Iraq: A war that has still to be justified (Michel Wéry)

14 March 2003 - Iraq: What nuclear, chemical and biological threat? (Caroline Pailhe, Michel Wéry)

26 February 2003 - Iraq: The human cost of war and humanitarian efforts (Xavier Zeebroek)

14 February 2003 - Iraq: the costs of war (Caroline Pailhe)

14 February 2004 - Iraq: The 1991 war that never ended (Michel Wéry)

14 February 2003 - UN inspections: A solution to the Iraqi crisis? (Michel Wéry)

28 January 2003 - NATO's commitment to Iraq: Transatlantic disagreements (Caroline Pailhe)

27 September 2001 - September 11 2001 attacks: How to fight international terrorim effectively. Ten recommendations for the European Union

7 November 2000 - The European Union and civilian crisis management (Félix Nkundabagenzi)


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