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2010/5 - Arms transfers control: The example of the French-speaking States of sub-Saharan Africa (Virginie Moreau, Cédric Poitevin and Jihan Seniora)

2009/7 - RD Congo : the natural resources and violence (Brune Mercier)

2009/6 - Darfur: impossible mission for the UNAMID ? (Michel Liégeois)

2009/5 - The Security Sector Reform in Central African Republic (Marta Martinelli and Emmanuel Klimis)

2009/3 - The Pelindaba Treaty: Africa and the challenge of nuclear proliferation

2008/5 - The United Nations Mission in Congo (Xavier Zeebroek)

2008/3 - The key role of ammunition in conflicts (P. Martinot in collaboration with I. Berkol and V. Moreau)

2008/2 - Ivory Coast - Peace despite the UN (Xavier Zeebroek)

2008/1 - Decentralisation in Democratic Republic of Congo - Challenges and issues (Michel Liégeois)

2007/3 - West Africa: Harmonisation of national small arms legislation: Burkina Faso (Luc Marius Ibriga et Salamane Yameogo)

2007/2 - The ECOWAS Convention on Small Arms and Light Weapons: Analysis and recommendationsfor an action plan (Ilhan Berkol)

2007/1 - The humanitarian agenda until 2015: Principles, power and perceptions. (Antonio Donini et Larry Minaer)

2006/4 - Arms trafficking : Fact finding in Kivu (DRC) (R. Kasereka Mwanawavene, N. Bauma Bahete et C. Nasibu Bilali, sous la coordination de G. Berghezan)

2006/3 - Democratic Republic of Congo: Success and challenges in the electoral process (Pamphile Sebahara)

2006/2 - The International Conference on the Great Lakes of Africa: Challenges and impact on peace and development in DRC (Pamphile Sebahara)

2006/1 - Arms trafficking: Investigation of the Ruzizi plain (Jacques Ntibarikure)

2005/6 - Central Africa: Harmonisation of national small arms legislation (Pierre Heybrechts et Ilhan berkol)

2005/5 - West Africa: Harmonisation of national small arms legislation (Hélène Cissé)

2005/4 - West Africa: Towards a small arms convention. From PCASED to ECOSAP (Albert Chaïbou et Sadou Yattara)

2005/3/fr - Burundi - Armes légères et violence armée : Quel impact sur les femmes ? (Edward B. Rackley)

2005/3/eng - Burundi - The Impact of Small Arms and Armed Violence on Women (Edward B. Rackley)

2005/1 - DRC: Natural resources and arms sales (Anne Renauld)

2004/hs - National Commissions and civil society coalitions in West Africa (M. Coulibaly, I. Djibrilla Maïga, A. Chaibou, A. Samba Gaye, K. Noameshie, T. Kignelman, S. Olukoya)

2004/5 - Who is arming the May-May? Investigation of an unusual situation (Charles Nasibu Bilali)

2003/3 - Documentary: Child soldiers, small arms and conflicts in Africa. Development cooperation action by the European Union and Belgium. (C. Gramizzi, F. Nkundabagenzi, S. Nolet et F. Santopinto)

2003/2 - Crisis in the Ivory Coast: From attempted coup d'etat to establishment of government of national reconciliation (Claudio Gramizzi, avec la collaboration de Matthieu Damian)

2002/hs2 - Small arms: Collection of official documents relevant to Africa (Xavier Zeebroek)

2001/2 - The rearming of Sierra Leone one year after the Lomé peace deal (Small Arms Survey)

2001/1 - Micro-disarmament - The handing in of small arms and associated measures (Michel Wery avec la collaboration de Georges Berghezan et Félix Nkundabagenzi)

2000/5 - The European Union and conflict prevention in Africa (Félix Nkundabagenzi)

1999/2 - The Congo-Kinshasa war: Conflict analysis and arms sales to central Africa (Georges Berghezan et Félix Nkundabagenzi)


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