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2012/5 - U.S. tactical nuclear weapons in Europe: The issues concerning a possible withdrawal (Bérangère Rouppert)

2011/6 - The arms trade treaty. Challenges for 2012 (Virgine Moreau)

2011/3 - The UN and the control of arms embargoes Between monitoring and verification (Virginie Moreau)

2011/1 - Military expenditure, production and transfers of weapons - Compendium 2011 (Luc Mampaey)

2010/5 - Arms transfers control: The example of the French-speaking States of sub-Saharan Africa (Virginie Moreau, Cédric Poitevin and Jihan Seniora)

2010/4 - Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference: achievements and disenchantments of a new dynamic on nuclear disarmament (Mehdi Mekdour and Bérangère Rouppert)

2010/3 - Managing Land Borders and the Trafficking of Small Arms and Light Weapons (Jihan Seniora & Cédric Poitevin)

2009/9 - The Convention on cluster munitions: the current state of play (Bérangère Rouppert)

2009/8 - Military expenditure, production and transfers of weapons - Compendium 2010 (Luc Mampaey)

2009/4 - Post-export controls during arms transfers: proof of arrival and end-use monitoring (Ilhan Berkol and Virginie Moreau)

2009/3 - The Pelindaba Treaty: Africa and the challenge of nuclear proliferation

2009/2 - United States military transfers towards the Middle East (Caroline Pailhe)

2009/12 - The control of air transport of small arms: Assessment and challenges (Jihan Seniora)

2009/11 - Arms brokering controls and how they are implemented within the European Union ? (Virginie Moreau and Holger Anders)

2009/10 - The EU and SALW – Portrait of a plurality of policies on a global issue (Hadrien-Laurent Goffinet and Virigine Moreau)

2009/1 - NATO’s nuclear weapons – game over or redeployment? (Jean-Marie Collin)

2008/9 - The traceability of the ammunition (Pierre Martinot and Ilhan Berkol)

2008/8 - Military expenditure, production and transfers of weapons - Compendium 2009 (Luc Mampaey)

2008/7 - Foreign arms trade in the Belgian federalism (Romain Leloup)

2008/4 - The problem of end use and destination of arms exports (Damien Callamand)

2008/3 - The key role of ammunition in conflicts (P. Martinot in collaboration with I. Berkol and V. Moreau)

2007/8 - US arms sales legislation. Controlling the world's biggest arms exporter (Caroline Pailhe)

2007/7 - Military expenditure and transfers of conventional weapons - 2008 Compendium (Luc Mampaey)

2007/6 - Administrative controls of weapons in Belgium. Documents on arms import, export, transit and ownership (Pierre Martinot)

2007/4 - X-ray of the arms industry in Belgium (Clément Dumas et Luc Mampaey)

2007/3 - West Africa: Harmonisation of national small arms legislation: Burkina Faso (Luc Marius Ibriga et Salamane Yameogo)

2007/2 - The ECOWAS Convention on Small Arms and Light Weapons: Analysis and recommendationsfor an action plan (Ilhan Berkol)

2006/hs - Firearms: The UN protocol in EU rules (Ilhan Berkol)

2005/8 - Nuclear weapons: The international community's disarmament and non-proliferation work (Céline Francis)

2004/4/fr - Marking, Registration and Tracing of Small Arms and Light Weapons : Draft convention (I. Berkol)

2004/4/eng - Marking, Registration and Tracing of Small Arms and Light Weapons : Draft convention (Ilhan Berkol)

2003/4 - Legal questions on regionalising weapons permits (Nicolas Crutzen)

2002/4 - Belgium's arms exports (B. Adam, S. Bayes, G. Berghezan, I. Berkol, F. Donnay, L. Mampaey et M. Wéry)

2002/3 - India-Pakistan: In the presence of military forces and nuclear weapons (Françoise Donnay)

2001/1 - Micro-disarmament - The handing in of small arms and associated measures (Michel Wery avec la collaboration de Georges Berghezan et Félix Nkundabagenzi)

2000/6 - The HERSTAL group: Decision time (Luc Mampaey)

2000/4 - National Missile Defense: The return of Star Wars and the strategic implications (Aris Roubos et Michel Wautelet)

2000/2 - Marking and tracing small arms: Improving transparency and control (Ilhan Berkol)


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