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All Analyses by Ilhan Berkol
18 December 2008 - Effective implementation of existing instruments on Small Arms and Light Weapons: An analysis of the OSCE Document (Ilhan Berkol)

9 July 2008 - Who benefits from changes to the firearms law? The citizen or the gun owners? (Ilhan Berkol)

1 July 2008 - The firearms law has been watered down: To what end? (Ilhan Berkol)

30 April 2008 - UN Firearms Protocol: Enforcement Status and Implementation in the European Union (Ilhan Berkol)

8 December 2007 - The European Union tightens up the Firearms Directive: Red light for changes to Belgium's firearms law? (Ilhan berkol)

7 December 2007 - Regulating gun ownership is society's choice (Ilhan Berkol, Cédric Poitevin)

5 December 2007 - The Geneva Conference on the control of small arms and light weapons (Ilhan Berkol)

26 November 2007 - Towards a watering down of the arms law? (Ilhan Berkol, Cédric Poitevin)

26 November 2007 - The fight against small arms and light weapons trafficking in air transport in the OSCE area (Ilhan Berkol)

8 June 2007 - The new arms law, one year on (Ilhan berkol)

4 April 2007 - Analysis of the ECOWAS Convention on Small Arms and Light Weapons and recommendations for the development of an Action Plan (Ilhan Berkol)

27 February 2007 - The UN international instrument on the traceability of small arms and light weapons (Ilhan Berkol)

17 November 2006 - The European Union's policy on small arms (Ilhan Berkol)

October 2006 - Introducing the United Nations Firearms Protocol into EU regulation (Ilhan Berkol)

19 July 2006 - The Conference assessing the United Nations Action Programme on Small Arms (26 June – 7 July 2006): Logical lack of results (Ilhan Berkol, Claudio Gramizzi)

29 May 2006 - A new arms law in Belgium (Ilhan Berkol)

15 December 2005 - Recent SALW initiatives: Consequences in the Great Lakes region (Ilhan Berkol)

22 October 2004 - Harmonisation of small arms legislation in three Great Lakes countries: Burundi, DRC and Rwanda (Ilhan Berkol)

June 2004 - The transport of dangerous goods: A concrete example of traceability (Ilhan Berkol, Claudio Gramizzi)

June 2004 -The marking systems for small arms and light weapons: Cost assessment (Ilhan Berkol)

1 September 2003 - The work of UN groups of governmental experts on tracing small arms and light weapons Analysis of the final report and comparaison with GRIP's model (Ilhan Berkol)


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