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The Convention on cluster munitions: the current state of play
by Bérangère Rouppert

In February 2010, Moldavia became the thirtieth State party to the Convention on cluster munitions. As the minimal needed number of ratifications has been reached, the Convention will enter into force in August 2010. The text, signed by 104 States, totally bans these weapons, organizes their removal and their destruction according to definite standards, and requires from the States Parties assistance to and involvement of cluster munitions victims. They are also expected to submit an annual report concerning the adopted measures and the undertaken actions in order to respect their legal obligations.

Although the major producers, holders and users of cluster munitions have not signed the text, the mobilization of numerous States incites to optimism. As a matter of fact, even before the entry into force, some strong measures have been taken like the adoption of national legislations in order to reinforce the Convention or the implementation or the achievement of the process of destruction of cluster munitions' stockpiles. Moreover, the text represents a real improvement as it grants guarantees never reached until now for the victims and their families: the States parties are legally forced to provide assistance for clearance in affected countries and for survivors.

Naturally, the road is still considerably long and the challenges numerous: It will be necessary to convince new States to go beyond their military, economic and commercial interests and make them join the Convention, but especially it will be necessary to implement it.

For the time being we can only envisage the achievement of these actions, which will require a coordination between various actors, governmental or not, at national and international levels, on the long run.


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