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GRIP Researchers within UN Groups of Experts
Since its foundation 30 years ago, GRIP has always striven to study issues related to arms trafficking and arms embargoes. For some years now, the expertise developed by GRIP researchers has been put to work for the United Nations within the framework of the investigations conducted on the respect of arms embargoes.
As an example, Claudio Gramizzi worked as an arms expert from March 2007 to October 2008 successively in three Groups of Experts on Côte d’Ivoire established following Security Council resolutions 1727 (2006), 1761 (2007) and 1782 (2007). From February to November 2009, Claudio Gramizzi took the same function within the Group of Experts on the Democratic Republic of Congo established following the Security Council resolution 1837 (2008).
Since January 2010, two other GRIP researchers have joined two other UN Groups of Experts. Holger Anders works as an expert on arms trafficking within the Group on the Sudan (Security Council resolution 1891 (2009)) monitoring the arms embargo towards the warring parties in Darfur.

Finally, Ilhan Berkol works as an expert on customs within the Group of Experts on Côte d’Ivoire (Security Council resolution 1893 (2009)), responsible for investigating the respect of the arms embargo towards Côte d’Ivoire and the embargo on diamonds exports from this country.

Let us not forget that the Groups of Experts set up by the UN Security Council are essential to verify the respect of arms embargoes. Indeed, the Groups’ reports enable the Security Council to make decisions based on genuine elements proving the existence of some practices. Under International Law, all States and each individual are bound to cooperate with UN experts.

The team of GRIP researchers is particularly happy to see that, thanks to the recognition of its work, three of its members were selected to join these Groups. This acknowledgment can only reinforce our motivation.

Xavier Zeebroek,
Director of GRIP

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