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The Common Position on the control of arms brokering:
six years after

by Virginie Moreau, researcher at GRIP

1 Februeary 2010


Six years after the adoption of a Common Position on the control of arms brokering, some European Member States still lack the national legislation to control arms brokering activities. Other States still have to ensure the conformity of their legislation with the Common Position. Gaps remain in the quality and the effectiveness of the controls provided by the Common Position and implemented by European States. Yet several cases of arms trafficking have made the news in recent months. A few months before the 4th Biennal meeting of States to review the implementation of the United Nations Programme of Action on small arms and light weapons, States should consider reviewing the Common Position in order to strengthen brokering controls. States should at least introduce controls on brokering-related activities, registration requirement for arms brokers and extraterritorial brokering activities.

Keywords: arms brokering, Common Position on the control of arms brokering, arms trafficking, brokeringrelated activities, registration, extraterritoriality.
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