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Rendon Group
The privatization of American propaganda in Afghanistan and Iraq
by Arnaud Simonis 
This report is mainly focused on the understanding of the importance of the private sector in terms of propaganda, in the Afghan (2001) and Iraqi (2003) conflicts. This issue will be analyzed through the Rendon Group’s activities (American company actives in public diplomacy), and the ones accomplished by a company, created with the help of the Rendon Group: the Iraqi National Congress (INC), which was composed of Iraqi opponents to Saddam Hussein.

Through this study, a fact became obvious: the large involvement of Rendon Group in the conflicts in Afghanistan and in Iraq. Indeed, the Rendon Group was involved in the setting up of governmental communication committees, whose mission was to “sell” the war to the public. During the afghan invasion, the company’s executives participated in daily conference calls with U.S. officials (political and military) to define the communication strategy of the United States towards the media. The Rendon Group was also active in strengthening the opposition to the Saddam Hussein regime. It was involved in the creation and funding of the Iraqi National Congress; an organization that provided false evidences promoting the war against Iraq in 2003.
Keywords: Propaganda, Iraq, Afghanistan, PSYOPS, Rendon Group, Iraqi National Congress.
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Rendon Group - La privatisation de la propagande américaine en Afghanistan et en Irak
Arnaud Simonis
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