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GRIP Reports - Georges Berghezan
2006/4 - Arms trafficking : Fact finding in Kivu (DRC) (R. Kasereka Mwanawavene, N. Bauma Bahete et C. Nasibu Bilali, sous la coordination de G. Berghezan)

2002/4 - Belgium's arms exports (B. Adam, S. Bayes, G. Berghezan, I. Berkol, F. Donnay, L. Mampaey et M. Wéry)

2001/1 - Micro-disarmament - The handing in of small arms and associated measures (Michel Wery avec la collaboration de Georges Berghezan et Félix Nkundabagenzi)

1999/2 - The Congo-Kinshasa war: Conflict analysis and arms sales to central Africa (Georges Berghezan et Félix Nkundabagenzi)


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