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USA – President Obama’s foreign policy: diplomacy and multilateralism? (Bernard Adam)

UN – Another step in the direction of a treaty on the arms trade (Virginie Moreau)

MONUC, the scapegoat for the Congolese tragedy (Xavier Zeebroek)

DRC: The political challenge of reforming the army (Pamphile Sebahara)
Afghanistan: Emerging from the military impasse through political dialogue and development aid (Bernard Adam)

The war in Georgia: Farewell to a unipolar world (Georges Berghezan)

American elections: A clear choice (Jean-Paul Marthoz)

Nuclear: India welcomed back to the international fold (Cédric Poitevin)
Arms exports: The European Code of Conduct ten years on (Bernard Adam)

Iraq: The most expensive war ever? (Luc Mampaey)

• After the 2008 PrepCom, what now for the NPT? (Cédric Poitevin)

Central Africa: Legislation on small arms control (Ilhan Berkol)
No development without security, and no security without development (Bernard Adam)

Kosovo: High-risk mission for the European Union (Georges Berghezan)

• France delivers Belgian arms to Chad (Luc Mampaey)

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