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 AV2 •FAUT-IL JUGER GEORGE BUSH ? - Pleins feux sur un rapport qui dénonce la torture et l'impunité (Reed Brody)

 302-303 • SMALL ARMS IN EASTERN CONGO - A Survey on the Perception of Insecurity (Collective work)

 292-294 • LA LIBERTE, SINON RIEN - Mes Amériques, de Bastogne à Bagdad (Jean-Paul Marthoz)

 290-291 • WHERE IS LATIN AMERICA GOING? - Observations on a continent in flux (sous la direction de Jean-Paul Marthoz)

 288-289 • "PEACEKEEPERS" IN CONGO - Managing an international crisis in a trusteeship State (Jean-Claude Willame)

 286-287 • EUROPE AS A QUIET POWER? - Role and identity on the world stage (Under the direction of Bernard Adam)

 283-285 • WORLD NEWS - The media and the new world disorder (Jean-Paul Marthoz)

 280-282 • CENTRAL AFRICA - Conflicts and the media, vectors of war or actors for peace (Under the direction of Marie-Soleil Frère with contributions from Ross Howard, Jean-Paul Marthoz and Pamphile Sebahara)

 278-279 • EUROPE AND THE MUSLIMS WORLDS - A complex dialogue (coordonné par Caroline Pailhe)

 276-277 • HUMANITARIAN WORKERS AT WAR - The security of humanitarian workers in DRC and Burundi (Xavier Zeebroek)

 275 • SMALL ARMS, MASS DESTRUCTION - 640 millions small arms in the world, 500,000 deaths a year (Bernard Adam and Michel Wery)

 273-274 • THE GIRL WITH THE KALASHNIKOV - My life as a child soldier (China Keitetsi)

 271-272 • AGAINST THE STREAM IN THE UNITED STATES - American critics of unilateral foreign policy (Ouvrage collectif)

 269-270 • IRRADIATED BY FRANCE - The victims of French nuclear testing speak out (Bruno Barrillot)

 266-268 • DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO - War without frontiers (Olivier Lanotte)

 264-265 • DEVELOPMENT - A weapon for peace (Félix Nkundabagenzi et Federico Santopinto)

 263 • ALGERIA - Shadow-boxing (Youcef Zirem)

 261-262 • ARMS TRAFFICKING TO AFRICA - French networks and Belgian "know-how" in the spotlight (Sous la direction de Georges Berghezan)

 258-260 • SOLDIERS - HUMANITARIAN WORKERS - Each to their own role (Ouvrage collectif en partenariat avec Médecins Sans Frontières )

 256-257 • GLOBALISATION - Understand in order to act (sous la direction de Anne Peeters et Denis Stokkink)

 254-255 • WAR, CHILDREN ALLOWED - 300,000 child soldiers in the world: How can this scourge be fought? (Croix-Rouge de Belgique; Amnesty International; Unicef)

 253 • DEPLETED URANIUM WEAPONS - Milestones for a weapons ban (Ouvrage collectif)

 251-252 • RIDER NAMED PEACE - A common European policy for Africa (Entretien de Pierre-Olivier Richard avec Aldo Ajello)

 249-250 • IS THE UNITED STATES GOING TO WAR? - Military solutions rather than diplomacy in the race for supremacy (Ouvrage Collectif)

 246-248 • BUILDING PEACE ON THE GROUND - Instruction manual (Sous la direction de Luc Reychler et Thania Paffenholz)

 243-245 • BELGIUM AND CENTRAL AFRICA - From 1960 to the present day (Sous la direction de Olivier Lanotte, Claude Roosens et Caty Clement)

 241-242 • REFUGEES AT THE GATES OF EUROPE - Voyage to the end of the road (Koen Vidal)

 239-240 • THE WAR IN KOSOVO - Explanations and comments (Ouvrage collectif)

 236-238 • WORLD NEWS - Foreign policy, journalism, global journalism and freedoms (Jean-Paul Marthoz)

 233-235 • THE NEW SECURITY ARCHITECTURE IN EUROPE - The NATO-European Union-OSCE-WEU quadrilateral: Ensuring stability? (Ouvrage collectif)

 231-232 • CUBA - Reforming the revolution (André Linart)

 229-230 • HUMAN RIGHTS - A weapon for peace (Amnesty International)

 228 • CYBERWARFARE - Internet, information highways and cyberespace: What are the threats? (Michel Wautelet)

 226-227 • KABILA TAKES POWER - The beginnings of a fall - AFDL's winning campaign - Congo today (C. Braeckman, M.-F. Cros, G. de Villers, F. François, F. Reyntjens, F. Ryckmans et J.-C. Willame)

 224-225 • FRENCH MILITARY AFFAIRS AND AFRICA - Cooperation and intervention: A balance sheet (André Dumoulin)

 222-223 • BELGIANS IN RWANDA - A SHAMEFUL JOURNEY - Lessons to be drawn from the Rwanda Commission (Jean-Claude Willame)

 218-221 • EUROPE AND INTERNATIONAL SECURITY - 1997 Defence and Disarmament Memorandum (Ouvrage Collectif)

 215-217 • CONFLICTS IN AFRICA - Crisis analysis and conflict prevention suggestions (Fondation Roi Baudouin, Médecins Sans Frontières)

 214 • NUCLEAR TESTING - Game over (M.artine De Becker, Harald Müller et Annette Schaper)

 213 • ANTI-PERSONNEL MINES - War in times of peace (Handicap International)

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